Thursday, August 18, 2011

vacation to the beach...

the day after linc turned two, we went on vacation. just a three day, two night mini vacation to the oregon coast. it was linc's first vacation and we packed a lot into those three days. i'd have to say that those three days were up there on the list of the best days of my life. the whole trip was perfect. the second evening spent on the beach felt like a dream.

we ran on the beach, went to the tillamook cheese factory, played at a park, walked around cannon beach, did some shopping, ate ice cream cones everyday, ran on the beach some more, had pizza room service, ate chips and drank chocolate milk for lunch, watched the sunset, stayed in a hotel, went swimming in a pool...

there were a ton of firsts for linc. hotel, sandy beach, five hour car ride, swimming with papa, ice cream cones. he was amazing - on the drives there and back, in the hotel, not getting real naps, staying up late. all the new experiences must have kept him going and excited about what was to come next. 

it seems as if he grew up overnight. he went to bed the night before his birthday still somewhat baby-like and woke up a kid. he's been talking like crazy, full sentences and streams of thought. using words that we didn't even know he knew. telling us exactly what he is thinking, what he's doing or what he wants. he has started consistently sleeping through the night(?!?!?!). craziness!!! 9-6 pretty much every night. this is a huge step. and he's been falling asleep much better than he was just a month ago when we were have a miserable run of hour long (or longer) bedtimes. he is funny - he has his own sense of humor. he's quirky, i call him persnickety quite often - he is very particular about just how things should or should not be and isn't afraid to let us know. he has a personality. a growing and changing personality, and he is just becoming his own little person. it is amazing to watch. i guess this vacation just really brought this all to the surface for me.  

oh, vacation, how sweet you were...


  1. I'm so grateful to know you.

    I'm glad you had a great trip. Ice cream everyday DOES sound like a dream.

  2. I am soooo grateful to have you in our lives! We all love you :) and yes, ice cream everyday is a dream!

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