Friday, July 8, 2011


we have lived at our new place for four months now. it's been... well... interesting. great, for the most part. love the house and fairhaven and linc getting to see grandma everyday. love the walks and the closeness to everything. love south bellingham and the neighborhoods.

on the other side of things, i'll just say that it has been quite and adjustment for everyone. it still is quite an adjustment. there are a few kinks to work out. a few lifestyle differences that are stressful. a few things that are far from perfect.

it has been really stressful for me. and eric and my mom. it needs to change. we all need to compromise. the last month has been so tense. i think that i am more stressed about this than i should be and there are a lot of other factors playing into it too, but i hate the way that i feel about it and i hate the way it is making me act.

well, jeez, what a sob fest. blah, blah, blah, i guess i could go on and on. which means that my feelings are so all over the place i don't even know what i am thinking. it feels so out of control. also, this all sounds so cryptic, but i don't want to point fingers and name names.

on a happier note, summer is in full swing. it has been absolutely gorgeous out and it is spectacular. we have been conquering all the parks and moving on to new ones.

yeah, seriously, he can do that! then he courageously, and very trustingly, likes to jump off the top (with us there to catch him of course).

emma took this at her recent excursion to the park with him while eric and i went to dinner. it's a pretty sweet deal, for all of us - she watches him maybe twice a month for a few hours while we go out and we pay her phone bill. keep in mind eric works for t-mobile so her phone plan is dirt cheap; seriously, cheapest childcare situation around! awesome! also, it's not like we force her. she was practically begging for it this time.

that's where we've been. i guess it isn't all ugh...


  1. That swinging picture is the best, ever. He looks like a tiny little old president (I mean that in like, the cutest way ever just so you know)!

  2. I would like to hear the stresses, etc. Since we just moved recently -- we have realized a few things about ourselves too! :o)