Tuesday, June 21, 2011

late night...

remember this not-so-hilarious night? well, eric just informed me that the lovely game that inspired his horrifying nightmare from this awful night has just had a sequel released which he happens to be playing now... it's pretty nightmarish...

for the last month or so, on monday and tuesday nights eric has been sleeping on the couch. no, we are not having marital problems. he just stays up til the crack of dawn gaming and then probably doesn't have the energy to make it to the bedroom, although he says it's because he doesn't want to wake us up. whatever the case may be, we all sleep a little better. anyway, judging from what i am seeing of this game, he will probably not be on the couch by himself tonight. way to scary! nightmares for sure. hopefully no outbursts though.

in case anyone wants to look up this horrid game (which apparently is amazing) it's called fear 3 (or 1 or 2 are also equally as nightmare inspiring) sometimes i feel as if i am married to a nerdy high school-er, and then i realize it's pretty close... not that i would want to make any changes. i mean, how else would i have all this video game knowledge!

on  another note, linc has been doing better sleeping through the night. regularly not waking up until 3 or 4 and falling right back to sleep. and then waking up for the morning at 6.30 or 7. the good nights are really good and the bad nights are really bad. ah, well, i guess it's the way it goes. sometimes i wake up feeling great, sometimes i wake up feeling awful. this to shall pass.

i leave you with linc enjoying his morning green smoothie
hopefully we'll all be well rested and ready to start the day this way tomorrow morning

anyway, cross your fingers for me that we don't repeat the last late night eric was up with this game...

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  1. That video game knowledge is totally worth it!