Thursday, August 18, 2011

vacation to the beach...

the day after linc turned two, we went on vacation. just a three day, two night mini vacation to the oregon coast. it was linc's first vacation and we packed a lot into those three days. i'd have to say that those three days were up there on the list of the best days of my life. the whole trip was perfect. the second evening spent on the beach felt like a dream.

we ran on the beach, went to the tillamook cheese factory, played at a park, walked around cannon beach, did some shopping, ate ice cream cones everyday, ran on the beach some more, had pizza room service, ate chips and drank chocolate milk for lunch, watched the sunset, stayed in a hotel, went swimming in a pool...

there were a ton of firsts for linc. hotel, sandy beach, five hour car ride, swimming with papa, ice cream cones. he was amazing - on the drives there and back, in the hotel, not getting real naps, staying up late. all the new experiences must have kept him going and excited about what was to come next. 

it seems as if he grew up overnight. he went to bed the night before his birthday still somewhat baby-like and woke up a kid. he's been talking like crazy, full sentences and streams of thought. using words that we didn't even know he knew. telling us exactly what he is thinking, what he's doing or what he wants. he has started consistently sleeping through the night(?!?!?!). craziness!!! 9-6 pretty much every night. this is a huge step. and he's been falling asleep much better than he was just a month ago when we were have a miserable run of hour long (or longer) bedtimes. he is funny - he has his own sense of humor. he's quirky, i call him persnickety quite often - he is very particular about just how things should or should not be and isn't afraid to let us know. he has a personality. a growing and changing personality, and he is just becoming his own little person. it is amazing to watch. i guess this vacation just really brought this all to the surface for me.  

oh, vacation, how sweet you were...

Sunday, July 24, 2011

so, it's been a year...

happy birthday lincoln log! you turn a year old today!

last year i wrote about being married for 5 years for my first post. yesterday was our 6 year wedding anniversary. we celebrated by going out to dinner while emma babysat. exactly the same as last year actually. it was nice to get out of the house and talk about stuff that didn't revolve around linc, not that we didn't talk about linc too.

we got home and spent an hour and a half putting linc to sleep. bedtime has been a real struggle lately. aahhhh! it so frustrating. but he has been sleeping all night so that's a plus. i guess the two are supposed to balance each other out, right?!

things have changed a lot this year. there have been ups and downs, of course. linc went from being a baby to a kid in such a short time.

july 23, 2010

july 23, 2011

last year i wrote about how much our lives have changed since we got married, and in one short year it has changed even more. it has been kind of a rough month or two, or four. there is a lot going on and it has been a little stressful. sometimes life just happens and you don't even really notice it happening to you. days go by, weeks, and then months. things change. blah, blah, blah. i'm being so dramatic. the point is, underneath all the daily stress and frustration, the trials that life throws at you, i am happy. my little family is wonderful. i couldn't be happier about that. 

Friday, July 8, 2011


we have lived at our new place for four months now. it's been... well... interesting. great, for the most part. love the house and fairhaven and linc getting to see grandma everyday. love the walks and the closeness to everything. love south bellingham and the neighborhoods.

on the other side of things, i'll just say that it has been quite and adjustment for everyone. it still is quite an adjustment. there are a few kinks to work out. a few lifestyle differences that are stressful. a few things that are far from perfect.

it has been really stressful for me. and eric and my mom. it needs to change. we all need to compromise. the last month has been so tense. i think that i am more stressed about this than i should be and there are a lot of other factors playing into it too, but i hate the way that i feel about it and i hate the way it is making me act.

well, jeez, what a sob fest. blah, blah, blah, i guess i could go on and on. which means that my feelings are so all over the place i don't even know what i am thinking. it feels so out of control. also, this all sounds so cryptic, but i don't want to point fingers and name names.

on a happier note, summer is in full swing. it has been absolutely gorgeous out and it is spectacular. we have been conquering all the parks and moving on to new ones.

yeah, seriously, he can do that! then he courageously, and very trustingly, likes to jump off the top (with us there to catch him of course).

emma took this at her recent excursion to the park with him while eric and i went to dinner. it's a pretty sweet deal, for all of us - she watches him maybe twice a month for a few hours while we go out and we pay her phone bill. keep in mind eric works for t-mobile so her phone plan is dirt cheap; seriously, cheapest childcare situation around! awesome! also, it's not like we force her. she was practically begging for it this time.

that's where we've been. i guess it isn't all ugh...

Sunday, June 26, 2011

riding like a monkey...

i was going to write this after we went to the zoo, but it is just so hard to actually do it. and i don't even have much to write. just some pictures to post really. we went to the zoo on tuesday and it is now sunday. oh well. it was awesome and we had a blast. we'll be going again very soon i'm sure.

linc spent most of the time riding in the ergo on our backs, like a monkey he said. but also, in the stroller and walking too. he was pretty perfect all day. no fussing or anything. and he didn't even get a nap. we walked the whole zoo and were there for a long time. we got burgers afterwards and then drove home. 

the day just reaffirmed that linc is not a baby anymore. we went last year for his first birthday. he didn't really get much out of it. this year, he was into it. he knew the animals and was excited to see them. was running all around excited to see everything and just to be there in general. it was amazing. we have toddler!!

oh, ps: baby wearing is amazing! the ergo is amazing. we hadn't really worn him on our backs too much and haven't worn him much at all recently, but he absolutely loved it. and also, yes those were dinosaurs at the zoo. eric's dream come true.

riding around the zoo like a monkey on mama's back... 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

late night...

remember this not-so-hilarious night? well, eric just informed me that the lovely game that inspired his horrifying nightmare from this awful night has just had a sequel released which he happens to be playing now... it's pretty nightmarish...

for the last month or so, on monday and tuesday nights eric has been sleeping on the couch. no, we are not having marital problems. he just stays up til the crack of dawn gaming and then probably doesn't have the energy to make it to the bedroom, although he says it's because he doesn't want to wake us up. whatever the case may be, we all sleep a little better. anyway, judging from what i am seeing of this game, he will probably not be on the couch by himself tonight. way to scary! nightmares for sure. hopefully no outbursts though.

in case anyone wants to look up this horrid game (which apparently is amazing) it's called fear 3 (or 1 or 2 are also equally as nightmare inspiring) sometimes i feel as if i am married to a nerdy high school-er, and then i realize it's pretty close... not that i would want to make any changes. i mean, how else would i have all this video game knowledge!

on  another note, linc has been doing better sleeping through the night. regularly not waking up until 3 or 4 and falling right back to sleep. and then waking up for the morning at 6.30 or 7. the good nights are really good and the bad nights are really bad. ah, well, i guess it's the way it goes. sometimes i wake up feeling great, sometimes i wake up feeling awful. this to shall pass.

i leave you with linc enjoying his morning green smoothie
hopefully we'll all be well rested and ready to start the day this way tomorrow morning

anyway, cross your fingers for me that we don't repeat the last late night eric was up with this game...